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Tashkent Night Life: #Welcome to Tashkent! - the great capital city of Uzbekistan. Known as "Stone City"

Tashkent welcomes you, our beloved visitor! The original name of this splendid location, “Stone City”, delivers what it promises, namely beautiful architectures, monuments and incredible mosques that are made out of stone. All these splendid creations are sprinkled with vast spaces of greenery and beautiful parks, which intend to highlight the historical beauty of this magnificent city .

Our main purpose is to provide incredible tourist packages that can easily enchant any person who intends to visit Tashkent. Therefore, all these packages provide different tours that include historical sites, shopping escapades, pubs, theaters, renowned restaurants, hotels and incredible nightclubs. All these exist to serve you and even more, to help every single tourist to spend a great time in this beautiful paradise .

We guarantee the fact that all the tourists are going to have some truly memorable experiences in this location. For this reason, you should prepare yourself to visit Tashkent for a few times, as just one time is not enough to discover its secrets and beautiful people.

Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, awaits you in this magnificent world that transposes tourists and locals alike in early Islamic times. Therefore, if you are ready for a unique experience, you should definitely visit this beautiful location with wonderful people who welcome you in the renowned and much-coveted Russian atmosphere.

Major Sights List:
Palace of Prince Romanov Sheyhantaur Complex
Monument “Courage"
Independence Square TV Tower Hast Imam
Oriental Bazaar, Chorsu Madrasah of Abdulkasym Zenghi-Ata Mausoleum